The Gapstone Group
  • Gapstone is a financial advisory firm whose senior specialists have experience and expertise in structured finance, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, asset-liability management, financial restructuring and insolvency, debt buybacks and exchanges, comple derivatives, insurance guaranty and indemnity restructuring, and risk management.  
  • Gapstone's geographic focus is international and cross-border, with significant expertise in the emerging markets.  The firm's specialists and advisors have experience and expertise in a wide variety of sectors, industries and operating assets.
  • Gapstone's specialists have substantial experience representing the interests of both issuers and investors in financial restructurings and in both amicable and hostile settings.  In addition to acting as a financial adviser to noteholder committees, the firm’s specialists have taken an active roles in debt-for-asset, debt-for-debt, and debt-for-equity swaps in order to facilitate financial restructuring.
  • Gapstone provides unconflicted “Wall Street” caliber expertise in derivatives analytics and legal analysis, including for exotic derivatives structures.  Gapstone offers derivative clients financial restructuring and litigation expertise to integrate derivatives into the overall restructuring effort.

Corporate & Structured Finance Advisory 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Capital Markets Solutions
  • Bank Financing
  • Structured Finance & Credit Solutions
Asset Based Advisory 
  • Asset Dispositions
  • Securities and Derivatives Valuation/Risk Analysis
  • Asset Disposition and Servicing
  • Contract Monetization and Repackaging
Restructuring & Bankruptcy
  • Derivative and Financial Guarantee Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy Financial Advisory
  • Bondholder Search and Consent Solicitation
  • Tenders, Exchange Offers and Debt Swaps
  • Litigation Support
Investment Services 
  • Valuation and Diligence Services
  • Principal Transactions