The Gapstone Group

Competitive Advantages

  • Expert Independent Advice - Gapstone provides unconflicted Wall Street calibre expertise which, by definition, cannot be provided by larger firms with significant sales and trading relationships.
  • Solutions to Complex Issues -  Gapstone’s team thrives on solving complex problems, particularly where innovative solutions are required, such as in global debt restructuring, derivative, and financial guaranty settlement.
  • Thought Leadership - Gapstone’s network of relationships in the public and private sectors allows it to provide valuable strategic and tactical advice.
  • Business Results with Integrity -  Gapstone’s specialists have a reputation for highly effective negotiation while maintaining integrity, ethics, and professionalism.
  • Local Relationships - Gapstone’s on-the-ground presence and relationships with top cross-border contacts allows for unique insight into the economic and political factors affecting clients' interests and needs.
  • Highly Effective Personnel - Gapstone’s specialists are leaders in their respective fields and collectively have vast experience in financial restructuring both in amicable and hostile settings.
  • Senior Level Coverage - Gapstone staffs each assignment with senior level team with 25+ years experience and proven track records of executing innovative and cross-disciplinary solutions.